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The Library

Looking for a book? Ask Oliver!


The Library is open from 8:15am until 4:00pm 

Fiction Books
We have 100s of fiction books that you can borrow for up to two weeks.

Non-Fiction Books
Sometimes you’ll come in with a class to use non-fiction, or you can come in and look through them yourself. We have books about everything from skateboarding to cooking, from Albert Einstein to Wayne Rooney, from other galaxies to the history of Soham.

Because so many people want to use computers, they are usually reserved for those doing homework. But after school you are allowed to play on games!

Audio Books
We have a small selection of audiobooks that you can take home for two weeks and listen to.

You can borrow a DVD for two nights or over the weekend. We like to keep our collection as up to date as we can – so if there’s anything you’d like to request tell Mrs Skeels.

We regularly receive: Flipside, All About Space, Empire, Top Gear, White Dwarf, Fresh Young Millionaires, Computer Active, BBC Good Food and Focus. You can find previous issues around the corner as well.

Keep up to date by flicking through The Times, First News or one of the local, weekly newspapers.
We also keep a book of clippings with any mention of Soham Village College!

Stationery Shop

We run a small school stationery shop.

Student Librarians

When you go to check out a book, you’ll probably be helped by one of our student librarians. They volunteer at some breaks and lunchtimes to sort books and run the desk.

If you really like spending time in The Library you can ask Mrs Skeels about becoming a student librarian too.

Careers Corner
This corner is full of information about jobs, what qualifications you need and what options you have.  There are university and sixth form prospectuses.
Remember, there are also useful links on the Careers Information, Advice & Guidance section of the SVC Website

These are just some of the things you can find in The Library. It’s also the place to come if you want to talk to someone about your plans after leaving Soham Village College; come in any time and speak to Mr Oakhill.