Soham Village College

Staff List

Teaching Staff

Afford Robyn Mathematics Maths Leader STEM & Cross-Phase Collaboration
Aiken Anna History (Part Time)  
Allouis Miki Science (Part Time)  
Anson Sarah Science Head of KS4 Science
Bain Jessica Science KS4 Vocational Science
Banister Richard Physical Education Lead Teacher KS4 PE
Bartley Fiona Performing Arts Head of Year 10
Blunt Joshua Geography Head of Year 8
Bocking Angela Mathematics / Foundation Learning Tier SENCo Responsibilities
Bullock Jackie Drama (Part Time) Head of Radcliffe House
Burton John Science  
Carson Krista English (On Maternity Leave) Research Coordinator
Churchman Parvie Science  
Cockerton Jax Art & Design (Part Time)  
Collard Matthew Science
Cranidge Kirstie Mathematics  
Creswick Alice Mathematics Teaching & Learning Lead in Maths
Darch Louise Modern Foreign Languages (Part Time) Head of KS3 French (Joint)
Davies Claire Science (Part Time)  
Daybell Matthew Physical Education Head of Year 9
Denis Lily Science  
Donaldson Kirsty History (Part Time) Head of KS3 History
Dreuitt Peter Geography KS3 Progress Mentor in Geography / Child Protection
Dwight-Smith Jennifer Geography (Part Time) Head of Geography
Findlay Alice Mathematics  
Fletcher Jessica English KS3 English Coordinator (Curriculum & Assessment)
Hall Anne Mathematics (Part Time)  
Hampson Jon Mathematics Headteacher
Hardwick Katie Science Head of KS3 Science / LAC Progress Leader
Harvey Anna Art & Design Head of Art and Design Technology
Heaney Gary History PSHE Co-ordinator
Hedge Peter Drama Head of Performing Arts/Lead Practitioner
Holden Karen Science Associate Assistant Principal, Director of Science
Holland Lisa Art
Hollingworth Rachel Mathematics Deputy Director of Maths / Lead Practitioner / Professional Tutor
Howliston Louise D&T Food Technology
Humphrey Claire Modern Foreign Languages (Part Time)  
Jackson Lesley English KS3 English Coordinator for Pupil Premium
Kavanagh Shelagh English (Maternity Cover)
Kendall Adam Physical Education KS3 Core PE
Knight Julie D&T Electronics Lead Teacher for STEM & Curriculum Health & Safety
Kowalczyk Michael Performing Arts / Mathematics (Part Time)  
Le Roy Carol Physical Education KS3 Progress Tracking/Access Arrangements for Exams/Duke of Edinburgh Award Coordinator
Lewis Martin Mathematics Associate Assistant Principal, Director of Mathematics & ICT Strategy
McKenzie Catherine English (Part Time)  
MacIntyre Julie English Associate Assistant Principal, Director of English & CPD Lead
Mason Tom D&T Resistant Materials Head of Turner House, Head of Curriculum in D&T & Lead Teacher in Resistant Materials
McDonald Katie Mathematics (Part Time)
Miners Samantha English  
Morrey Samantha Science (Part Time)
Morson Bekki English Deputy Director of English
Muir Carolyn Physical Education Head of Year 7
Nestlerode Claudine Modern Foreign Languages  
Nieuwoudt Francois Mathematics Assistant Principal / Child Protection
Noel Beryl SEN Consultant for Students with Statements
Parr Zinnia Business Studies Head of Business Studies
Pearce Richard D&T Graphics Assistant Principal
Perry Gemma Music Head of Music
Platt Angela Mathematics Maths Leader - Intervention
Pollard Sarah History  
Price George Science Deputy Headteacher / Lead in Child Protection / Head of Year 11 (Behaviour)
Reay Chris Mathematics  
Reynolds Anita Physical Education Director of Physical Education
Roberti Rachel English (Part Time) Head of Mandela House
Roberts Adam D&T Resistant Materials Director of Learning Support
Rockley Carol D&T Food Technology (Part Time) Child Protection
Schmidt Joshua Science Head of Churchill House
Scott Christine (NQT) Science
Simon Catherine D&T Textiles  
Slingsby Ed Science Assistant Principal / Head of Year 11 (Achievement)
Smith Scott Geography / History (Part Time)  
Spain Elizabeth Modern Foreign Languages (Part Time) Responsibilities in MFL
Stenner Jonathon Media Studies / Classics Head of Media Studies
Stevenson Kirsten Religious Education Head of Religious Education
Summers Tracey Foundation Learning Tier  
Talbott Mary Modern Foreign Languages Deputy Director of Modern Foreign Languages
Taylor Carin History Executive Head of The Staploe Education Trust
Tearle Luci (NQT) English (Part Time)
Thompson Benjamin Modern Foreign Languages Head of Foundation Learning Tier / BTEC
Thurlbourn James English Coordinator for most able students in English
Tucker Inge   SENCo (Staploe Education Trust)
Upward Julie Modern Foreign Languages (Part Time) Head of KS3 French (Joint)
Vince Charlotte (NQT) Science
Wade Fran Geography (Part Time)
Wale Jon History Head of Humanities
Warner Samantha Modern Foreign Languages Director of Modern Foreign Languages
Warren Ann-Marie D&T Food Lead Teacher in Food Technology
Wearing Rebecca Religious Education
West Jenny ICT/Physical Education Head of ICT
Wilcox Mary History Assistant Principal
Wilson Catherine Music
Woodfield Bethany (NQT) Geography
Wright Katie Modern Foreign Languages Head of King House
Zainon Huzaifah ICT  

Associate Staff

Caretaking Staff
Gilbey Tracy Assistant Site Officer
Oddi Ruth Site Officer
Peachey Mervyn Site Officer
Sadler Stuart Site Officer
Classroom Supervisors
Barlow Andrew
Bye Alison
Faulkner Kathryn
Gower Sarah
Pindar Charlotte
Teaching Assistants
Amoroso Benita Modern Foreign Languages
Atkinson Helen General / Access Arrangements for Exams
Bowman Carol KS4 Humanities Co-ordinator / KS4 Withdrawal Co-ordinator
Bryan Rachel General
Bushell Louise General
Clark Helen Wellbeing
Day Julie Design & Technology Co-ordinator
Day Pat Primary Transitions (Science)
Doades Wendy Science
Eaton Alison General
Gilbert Julia General
Harding Teresa Foundation Learning Tier / Design & Technology
Heavens Michelle General
Hughes Nicole Design & Technology
Kemp Moira KS4 Mathematics Lead / Child Protection
Lipinska-Trubshaw Joanna EAL
McGarr Helen KS3 English / Withdrawal Co-ordinator
Murfitt Lisa KS4 Base Manager
Murkin Julia General
Newham Sue Science Co-ordinator / Skills
Parr Sharon General
Rahim Sait Rezwin General
Reader Kim Skills Co-ordinator / Disabilities / Physical Education
Reddy Abi General
Rockley Carol Anger Management & Wellbeing Support / Child Protection
Sizer Judith General
Smith Julie General
Warby Lorraine KS3 Base Manager
Watkinson Kelly General
Wensley Daniel General
Whittingham Harriet EAL Co-ordinator / Modern Foreign Languages
Earnshaw Susan Careers Guidance Advisor
Nick Oakhill Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance Manager
Skeels Vicky Librarian (On Maternity Leave)
Salisbury Natasha  Librarian
Allen Lesley Receptionist
Arnold Sarah SIMS Admin / Data Manager
Brown Rebecca Human Resources Assistant
Cook Trina Receptionist
Daniels Alison Student Services Manager/Child Protection
Doughty Angela Payroll Manager/Financial Assistant
Durrant Sylvia Cover/Education Visits Co-ordinator
Earl Rachel Clerk to Governors
Everitt Liz Exams Officer/Premises
Harvey Lisa Student Services Assistant (Part Time)
Kent Rachel Finance Assistant
Lipinska-Trubshaw Jo Student Services Assistant (Part Time)
Muldoon Matt Facilities Manager
Satchell Gemma Human Resources Manager
Tomlinson Lisa Operations Director
Tye Kate Executive P.A.
Vigrass Wendy Finance Manager
Whittle Jocelyn P.A. to Headteacher
Wills Rosie Finance Assistant
The Isle
Langham Linda Manager
Sturman Krystal Assistant (Part Time)
Student Services Assistant (Inclusion)  
Rzeczycki Kathy Assistant
Technical Staff
Bresler Aimi Science Technician
Bridge Richard Technology Technician
Cutter Julie Science Technician
Eden David ICT Systems & Strategy Manager
Edwards Paul ICT Services Manager
Haddow Scott ICT Apprentice
Ings Nicola Science Technician
Kotowska Jo D&T Food Technology Technician/ D&T Textiles Technician
Mann Carolyn Art Technician
Potts Sarah Science Technician
Scurrah Chris Webmaster/ICT Technician
Smeaton Jacky Science Technician
Stimson Ryan ICT Technician
Taylor Abigail English & Maths Faculty Administrator
Threadgold Hilary Modern Foreign Languages Faculty Assistant
Exam Invigilators    
Alvarez-Garmon Helen Eavis Sarah Leeks Simon
Brydie Laura Garters Alison Leonard Tony
Bysouth Marian Gordon Janice Miller Louise
Chandler Linda Gorrie Amy Nardi Jane
Darlow Roz Greaves Nicole Prigg Sam
Daykin Gillian Gwinnett Liz Taylor Susan
Dwyer Raj Lane Jeremy
Armstrong Julie Gilbey Sophie Mitchell Kerry
Barber Carol Gillett Melissa Nascimento Mikhaila
Collen Brenda Guy Janet Steedman Cindy
Donellan Pauline Hope Kathleen Toynton Maria
Driver Carol How Fiona Willers Margaret
French Louise Isaacson Vanessa Winter Lillian
Language Assistants
Ruiz Teniente Laura   
Francisco Camille  
Music Peripatetic Staff
Bonnett Nick Guitar
Dobie-Oxley Allyson Vocal
Morgan Jane Piano
Pannell Tim Brass
Sirinathsingh Oriol Saxophone & Flute
Surridge Jenny Woodwind
Taylor Joe Drums
Welsh Janet Strings

Other Non-SVC Colleagues

Catering Staff (Aspens)
Baldock Sue (Bank Staff) Feetham Deborah Levitt Julie
Bristow Sarah Hall Tina Rebelo Julie
Coutts Sara (Manager) Harding Debbie Rodrigues Wendy
Edwards Charlotte How Angela  
Home-School Link Worker (Staploe Education Trust)
Amann Kate
Weekes Kate