Soham Village College

School Advisory BoDY

Parent Advisory Body Member:
Mrs K Barnes
Mr P Sargeant 
Mr P Palmer (Vice Chair)

Staff Advisory Body Member:
Mr J Hampson (Headteacher)
Miss P Churchman
Mr D Eden

Appointed Advisory Body Member:
Ms N Close
Mr P Dunham
Mr D Snashall
Mrs S Larwood-Smith
Dr M Stearne
Mrs S De Camilli

Clerk to the School Advisory Body:
Mrs R Earl

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Soham Village College - Advisory Body Members Register of Interests 2018-2019
Soham Village College - School Advisory Board Attendance 2017-2018

 Mr D Snashall



Vice Chair of the Trust

David joined the Trust in 2015 having recently moved to the area. Now semi-retired, he worked as a Headteacher for 13 years moving two failing schools to the Ofsted rating of ‘good’. Since leaving full-time teaching, he has worked for the Association of School and College Leaders, leading the team who provide front-line telephone support to its members, supporting school leaders who have employment issues. David leads courses and provides consultancy on employment and education law. 

Mrs K Barnes

Link Advisory Body Member for Child Protection

I was elected as a parent advisory body member in 2014 and have governor responsibility for Safeguarding, including Child Protection. My son is currently in Year 10 and my daughter (ex-SVC) has just started at university. I have always worked in education and been active in parent associations in my children’s schools. I currently work as an Administrator in a local Infant and Nursery school.

 Mr D Eden

 Staff Advisory Body Member at Soham Village College



Mr P Dunham



Link Advisory Body Member for Premises

Appointed Advisory Body Member at Soham Village College



Mr P Palmer

 Parent Advisory Body Member at Soham Village College

Mr J Hampson

Headteacher of Soham Village College



Mrs R Earl

Clerk to the School Advisory Body of Soham Village College