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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) forms an integral part of student life at Soham Village College. We encourage all students to develop high aspirations and consider a broad and ambitious range of careers. We use contacts with the world of work and further education to help them understand where different choices can take them in the future.

The majority of our careers guidance is delivered through three PSHE days that run through the year, although our programme does also include assemblies, out of school visits, and evening events.

Our CEIAG Policy is available to read in our Policies section on the college website. Our Policy Statement on Provider Access can be found here and our strategy can be found here.

Programme Summary
Impact measurement and assessment
Destination Data
Point of Contact
LMI – Labour Market Information
Qualifications Explained - Post 16 and beyond
Moving On – Options for Leavers with Additional Needs
Links to Post 16 Centres
Post 16 Application Process – UCAS Progress
Writing a Personal Statement
Post 16 Parents Info Evening Presentation
Year 10 College Taster Days & Year 11 College Open Evenings
Work Experience
Careers & College Information
Employer Information
Useful Websites
Post 16 Bursaries & Funding

Programme Summary

Years 7 & 8 students are introduced to the world of careers. They have the opportunity to start thinking about why a career is important, what types of jobs are out there and how they can be linked to hobbies and interests, and what types of skills they might need in the future.

Year 9 students look at their GSCE options through two key events – Eyes on the Prize and World of Work. They also receive information, advice and guidance from all options subject teachers and all students are given the opportunity to speak to a member of staff about their choices.

Year 10 students are introduced to the college application process and what is required of them in Year 11. They spend time working on their UCAS Personal Statement, and learn how to conduct themselves at an interview and how to construct a CV. College taster days provided students the opportunity to visit institutions and are strongly encouraged.

Year 11 students are able to meet local colleges to understand the various study pathways available to them. Student attend a Careers Fair where they have the opportunity to talk to local employers. This allows students to begin to see the possibilities in the local community well in advance of making their Post 16 choices. Students have the opportunity within PSHE to research their chosen career

1:1 Careers Guidance meetings: Year 10 & 11 students can arrange a careers interview to ensure they have a clear plan for Post 16, which ensures students are supported as they move onto the next stage of their education.

Our CEIAG Programme can be found here

Impact measurement and assessment

We continually measure and assess the impact of our programme on students in various ways, such as student, parent and tutor surveys, as well as inviting feedback from employers who get involved in activities. We also use destination data obtained from Post 16 colleges to monitor trends about where our students move onto.

Destination Data

Tracking the destination of students is an important process as it enables the analysis of the range of further education and training opportunities taken up by their students, and also assesses the quality of careers guidance at the school. In addition we track students intended destinations as they start to apply for their Post 16 options, which allows us to monitor those students who do not have a clear idea about what they want to do. This information can be used to plan CEIAG delivery, including targeting those that need extra support.

Destination Data 2018

Point of Contact

For full details of the careers programme and any other enquiries, please contact the Careers Manager, Mr Nick Oakhill - Tel: 01353 724100,

LMI - Labour Market Information

A pivotal component of our careers provision is enabling our students and their parents to have access to career and labour market information (LMI) This includes information on:

  • skills, career pathways and progression routes in the local labour market
  • job applications and interviews
  • educational institutions, courses, qualifications, entry requirements and costs
  • professional bodies
  • employment sectors, employers, jobs, salaries and employment trends
  • jobs, training and apprenticeships
  • job demands and working life
  • financial planning.

What we do -

  • teach students how to find and process information.
  • give students access to up-to-date information in a range of different formats, including online software packages.
  • offer the students first-hand information through encounters with employers and experiences of the workplace.

This page will be updated regularly with both national and local LMI a website where you can search for and find information about a whole range of jobs and industries along with up-to-date Labour Market Information. Take the Buzz quiz to discover your personality type and what makes you tick

100 Top Companies
UK Shortage Occupation list

Qualifications Explained – Post 16 and beyond

Moving On Qualifications Guide ebook
Qualification Routes after 16
Informed Choices - Russell Group


Moving On – Options for Leavers with Additional Needs

Please click here to view the Options and Information booklet for SEND leavers   

Links to Post 16 Centres

There are a number of Further Education and Sixth Form colleges in the Cambridgeshire and the neighbouring areas that the majority of our students attend. They all offer a range of full and part-time courses and apprenticeships:

Post 16 Application Process – UCAS Progress

In order to enrol with a Post 16 Centre, students are required to complete an online application form (for West Suffolk College only, apply direct via their website)

Students will be introduced to the UCAS process at the end of Year 10 when they will also receive their log in details. They will be given the opportunity to complete their application, including their Personal Statement, during the autumn term in Year 11 but they will have access to their profile whenever they want. Please click here for guidance on how to access and use UCAS Progress.

Once the online application has been completed, the Careers Team will approve students profile and students are then required to submit their own application before the end of the autumn term.

Writing a Personal Statement

The Personal Statement is an important part of the College application as it is the students chance to tell the colleges about themselves and highlight their strengths and key achievements. Form tutors are able to check statements before the applications are submitted. Click on the link below for advice and examples on how to write your Personal Statement.

How to write a personal statement
Example of personal statement A
Example of personal statement B
Example of personal statement C

Post 16 Parents Info Evening presentation

Please click here to view the most recent Year 11 presentation

Year 10 College Taster Days and Year 11 College Open Evenings

Please click here to view details of this year’s college open evenings. Details about how students can register for each will be emailed to parents when appropriate.

Work Experience

Students taking the Foundation Learning Tier or BTEC Health & Social Care will be required as part of their course to carry out work experience. This will be one or two weeks in length and organised by students with the assistance of their subject teacher and Mr Oakhill.

If any other student wishes to arrange an independent work placement they can organise this for the school holidays. Work Experience guidance leaflets are available from the Careers Office.

Careers & College Information

The Careers Corner in the Resource Centre is full of information about jobs, what qualifications you need and what options you have. There are also sixth form and university prospectuses available.


We have established an extensive Alumni network and members contribute to college activities in many different ways. We would love to hear from you if you are and invite you to join the Alumni. Click here to sign up

Employer Information

We are very keen to engage with businesses and employers to help us inform and educate students about the local and national employment opportunities. This links directly with Gatsby Benchmark 5 – Encounters with Employers and Employees, and Gatsby Benchmark 6 – Experiences of Workplaces. We provide many opportunities for businesses to interact with students: World of Work days, Career Carousels, Employability Skills workshops, Careers Fairs, presentations, work experience, small group work etc. If you would like to get involved, or wish to advertise any apprenticeship vacancies through the college, then please contact the Careers Manager on 01353 724100 or

Useful Websites

Please find below a list of useful websites and resources which will help you to support your son/daughter’s careers decisions.

College Application website

Impartial careers guidance for young people

Guidance for parents

Post 16 Bursaries and Funding

16-19 Bursary Fund

Students may be eligible for this bursary when they leave SVC and go onto College or Sixth Form.

Please visit for more information

Soham Moor Old Grammar School Fund

This Charity utilises monies raised from rents from their land to assist young people in Soham in their education. Where possible, the Charity makes donations to each of the four Soham Schools annually. The monies are to be utilised for the benefit of disadvantaged children in their education. Furthermore college and university students may apply to the charity by the 1st September in any year for a grant towards the cost of books or other materials. Where a grant is awarded costs are reimbursed. A form to apply for a student grant may be downloaded from the website at

For more details contact the clerk: Jennifer Millard on Tel: 01353 654919 or alternatively E-Mail:

Bishop Laney Charity

Bishop Laney's Charity

Charity Registration No. 311306
41 St. Mary's Street, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 4HF

Bishop Laney died on 24th January 1674, bequesting his estate into a charitable trust. The present day income from this trust must be applied in fulfilling the following objects:-

In providing financial assistance, outfits, clothing, tools, instruments or books to enable beneficiaries on leaving school, university or other educational establishment to prepare for or assist their entry into a profession, trade or calling. In awarding exhibitions or grants tenable to any secondary school, college, education, university or other institution of further (including professional and technical) education. In otherwise promoting the education (including social and physical training) of beneficiaries. "Beneficiaries", means persons under the age of 25 years, who are resident in the parishes of Ely, Soham or their neighbouring villages within the county of Cambridgeshire.

A typical grant for University would be £250 in the first year and £150 in subsequent years though this may be varied depending on the specific course and its needs. Those people entering an apprenticeship as perhaps a hairdresser, electrician, carpenter or plumber will be eligible for £600 over the period of their apprenticeship. All decisions on payment of grants are made by the six trustees, collectively, who meet approximately four times a year.

If you feel you may be eligible either Telephone: 01353 662595 and ask for Richard or Barbara and you will be sent an application form. Alternatively you can download an application form from: